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Acid Server CTF

This VM, provided by VulnHub Hello there , here I am again solving an old boot2root vulnerable Vm from VulnHub. Before going further let me tell you that there are more than one way to get root on this vm,… Continue Reading →

Reflected XSS

The above code is vulnerable to reflected xss but is has some filtering on it. Try to bypass it and excecute a javascript code <?php         $NAME=$_GET[‘name’];         $NAMESAN=strtoupper(htmlspecialchars($NAME));         echo “<HTML><body>”;         echo ‘<form action=””>’;         echo “First name:… Continue Reading →

Stored XSS

This code is vulnerable to xss , can you spot where it is and how to exploit it ? $name    = trim( $_POST[ ‘name’ ] ); $name = preg_replace( ‘/<(.*)s(.*)c(.*)r(.*)i(.*)p(.*)t(.*)>/i’, ”, $name ); $message = preg_replace( ‘/<(.*)s(.*)c(.*)r(.*)i(.*)p(.*)t(.*)>/i’, ”, $message );… Continue Reading →

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