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Some interesting challenges

Pcap analysis

You are a hacker in public Cafe sniffing the network. In the same Cafe is a developer using the same WLAN as you. Hes not aware about dangerous might be exist in those places and he logging in to his site…. Continue Reading →

Reflected XSS

The above code is vulnerable to reflected xss but is has some filtering on it. Try to bypass it and excecute a javascript code <?php         $NAME=$_GET[‘name’];         $NAMESAN=strtoupper(htmlspecialchars($NAME));         echo “<HTML><body>”;         echo ‘<form action=””>’;         echo “First name:… Continue Reading →

Stored XSS

This code is vulnerable to xss , can you spot where it is and how to exploit it ? $name    = trim( $_POST[ ‘name’ ] ); $name = preg_replace( ‘/<(.*)s(.*)c(.*)r(.*)i(.*)p(.*)t(.*)>/i’, ”, $name ); $message = preg_replace( ‘/<(.*)s(.*)c(.*)r(.*)i(.*)p(.*)t(.*)>/i’, ”, $message );… Continue Reading →

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